What does someone see at your expo?

crested geckos, leachanius geckos, frogs, chahouas, tarantulas, gargoyle geckos, frilled dragons, leopard geckos, savannah monitors, ball pythons, panther chameleons, retics, bearded dragons, iguanas, day geckos, axolotls, veiled chameleons and many, many more animals will be in attendance – for educational, buy/sell/trade purposes. Feeders and supplies as well.

Can we hold the reptiles?

It really just depends on the vendor. We have nothing against it as long as you use hand sanitzer before and after.

Are tickets available at the door?

Yes, they are also available online 🙂, check for upcoming show dates here

How much is admission?

Admission is $6 for 14+, $10 for couples, $ free $ for kids that are 13 and younger.