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Check out the foot traffic in this video taken at one of our shows!

Reptile Show Vendor Rules

  • Tables are $40 if paid before show, $50 if paid day of, electricity is included (bring an extension cord). If you are vending our Indiana show, please bring a tablecloth. Set up is at 8:15, sometimes the venue is a little late, so a little disclaimer there. We, URS, will always be there at 8:15. 
  • You are 100% responsible for the inventory on your table. Bring enough people to vend with you; the more eyes the better. Please provide all real names of the people you are having with you. 
  • Seating charts will be taken seriously. They will be posted upon our “Ultimate Reptile Group” or you can find me with a black Ultimate Reptile Show shirt in the morning. As soon as the venue allows us to open the second room, please have patience with me. 
  •  I will be around mid-show inviting vendors to sign up for future shows. If you sign the sheet and do not contact me that you will not be present, you are subject to paying for the amount of tables that you had signed up for that day. 
  • No chickens, sugar gliders, or any other mammals/animals except reptiles allowed except for feeders. Right now we will NOT be accepting applications for feeder or supply vendors. 
  • Axolotls are allowed. 
  • No wild caught allowed. If you buy reptiles that were not produced by yourself, quarantine them for at least 14 days. Please only bring the healthiest animals to the show.
  • No venomous reptiles allowed. 
  • This is not a flea market. Clean, classy set ups are required. Deli cups for animals are acceptable. If you sell feeders, putting them into boxes or brown bags is acceptable. 10) Garbage cans will be displayed amongst the room. If we run out of space on one, or two, let us know. Do NOT throw it onto the ground. 
  • Be kind to guests. Unfortunately a lot of people act like it’s a petting zoo, but our marketing stays amongst reptile breeders and reptile hobbyists in general. We will continue to advertise to the reptile crowd specifically, and keep growing. 
  • You are 100% allowed to have your beliefs on our show. Write a review. Tell your friends about us whether positive or negative.There are always ways we can always improve on. We listen. We take vendors and visitors seriously. We take safety extremely seriously since this is a FAMILY event. 
  • Please let us know after the show how we can improve. Whether it’s the marketing aspect, customer relations, vendor relations, please – please – please bring the constructive criticism! 
  • New vendors will be subject to empty spaces. Vendors that have done business with us in the past will receive their table preferences. 
  • https://www2.illinois.gov/dnr/adrules/documents/17-885.pdf
  • https://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/files/fw-Reptile_and_Amphibian_Regulations-FAQ.pdf
  • Reckless behaviors will not be tolerated, if you are acting completely reckless or not obeying the show’s rules before, during and/or after one of our shows, you will not be able to vend again and might be asked to leave the show. 
  • Any no-show’s will be subject to paying the FULL table cost before being able to vend again. 
  • Any cancelations within 24 hours of the show will have you placed on our waiting list. 19) The Ultimate Convention Company DBA The Ultimate Reptile Show reserves the right to refuse admittance or participation to anyone, based on their discretion 20) Any questions, concerns or comments, please let me know – you are not just a number with us. Please email me at ultimatereptileshow@yahoo.com or text me on Messenger under “Maria Marinopoulos”. I will always try to respond within 24 hours.

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